Simone Roxburgh, Naturopath - Wellness through Natural Therapies & Empowerment

Providing Naturopathic consultations and meditation classes for adults & children


For Bookings or queries:
Please phone Entire Physio on 02 6299 5183

Simone holds the highest qualification in Naturopathy and provides consultations at Entire Physio in Queanbeyan. She has a special interest in stress management and can incorporate meditation or reiki into a naturopathic consult if required. Simone also provides Mindfulness Meditation classes for adults and relaxation techniques to children through the Relax Kids classes that she teaches. Simone also enjoys working with fertility management and children’s health. She finds her work extremely fulfilling and a privilege being able to help empower people with a wide range of conditions to improve their wellbeing, particularly through education around changes they can make to bring more balance into their lives. She works in a holistic and evidence based manner to treat the source issue and each person is given an individualised treatment that fits with their needs and preferences.
"The aspects I love most about Naturopathy are that it empowers individuals, as it educates them on how to make life long changes that can prevent many chronic diseases, it is thorough, caring and respects the individuals right and role in their own healing" - Simone Roxburgh
A comprehensive patient history is taken and the treatment plan may include nutritional advice such as therapeutic dietary changes or vitamin and mineral supplementation and Herbal Medicines may also be prescribed. As an ethical practitioner, Simone will give you the minimal number of herbs/supplements needed for optimal healing. Pathology test results are also assessed and in many cases Simone may be working in collaboration with your GP or other health professionals such as the highly regarded professionals she collaborates on cases with at Entire Physio.
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